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Born in southeast Wisconsin, his mother said he was figuring out and fixing stuff before age six. In 1979 when he started his first business at 14, he would make $80.00 in a single day, the equivalent of $240.00 today, and at that time, probably more in a day than his dad was making. At 19 he found an incredible thirst for learning and befriended a teacher who fed his passions. He challenged himself to learn more in every aspect of life, especially business. He knew he didn’t want to be in business, he had to be in business, and a year later at age 22 he got is opportunity when he was fired on Christmas Eve, 1986. He immediately started his second business as a general contractor specializing in residential. A couple of other businesses and 20 years later, he broke off a division of Lawrence Heuvelman Inc. called One Home Cinema, specializing in A/V and control systems, and he even promoted an antique show. Since 2002, Larry has worked helping, teaching, and consulting other business owners, employees, and students.

Throughout his career, he has worked with 100’s if not thousands of business owners in their various industries, expanding his knowledge and abilities, and theirs.  Larry has always taken a different approach to his businesses. First, he decided what he wanted in his life; a family, to be a father, a home, and then his business. He coached his sons baseball teams, was a scout leader, did the daddy daughter dances, was active at his kids’ schools,  ran a good business, personally built his home, and even took vacations. But this isn’t the norm for most business owners, far from; most are slaves to their business, never truly getting away.

Larry has taught and learned from people, organizations, events, and worthy causes, all over the world, and now spends most of his time working exclusively with business owners teaching these life tools. He typically starts with one question; “What do you want in your life?” Most don’t know, but through a process of unique questions to them, he gets them there, and eventually to structure their business to achieve these goals.  It’s different for each person, but he has a sense of how to get them to work through this process, using TheOwnerConsultant Philosophy: “Figure out what first you want in life, and then structure your business to help you accomplish it.” He does not consider himself a motivational speaker, but if you see him speak, you will be!