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Quotes from over the years…

These are all original quotes unless noted :
©2014 Larry Heuvelman

My Three Favorite Quotes:


“Honor your intelligence with your behavior” – Giorgio Triggiani

Giorgio Triggiani was from Italy, and this saying has been translated from Italian into English by his loving and honoring daughter, Maria.


The Definition of Insanity: “Doing the same thing, the same way, expecting a different result” – Unknown

This is usually worded just slightly differently and is credited to Albert Einstein, but it is definitely not. It is however kind of like the definition of beating your head against the wall…if it hurts, maybe it is time to stop doing it! (or find a different wall…because that is sure to help)


“Life always has options, we might just not see them yet” – Larry Heuvelman

Now you might say it is a tad conceited for my own quote to be one of my favorites, but it has helped me get through some tough times in life, because it reminds me not to give up, that has to be another way. In fact there are usually many other ways, often it is a matter of being open to things we hadn’t or don’t want to consider, but in doing so, it is often what helps us, to find another way.


Dating/Relationship Quotes


“We all have a history, I choose not to carry mine as baggage!”


“In order to get the growth, you have to do the work!”


“It you don’t take the risk, you never get the chance at the reward!”


“I’ve learned not to force things; it is much easier than trying to fix them later!”


“Being a partner, doesn’t mean being a push-over”


“The people who think the grass is greener on the other side, are usually the ones who don’t take care of their own yard” – Business Owner in Belize

People often complain if only this or only that, sort of like saying the grass is greener on the other side; These are the people who often don’t take care of their own yard. Water your own grass, your own marriage, the company you work for, and your relationships; which is of course a four letter word a lot of people don’t like, WORK. With a little, maybe even a lot of work, you can have a wonderful green lawn.


“I am not in a circle where I meet single women, and I don’t date married ones”

This saying was in reference to dating, but can certainly apply to many areas of life.


“The Goose/Gander Deal”; what is good for the Goose, is good for the Gander (…and vice versa).


I told my daughter; ”Dating is about learning about ourselves…and sometimes the other person”


“Deal Breakers are OK!”

(Which means it is ok to walk away)


“Emotion often delays the decision you have already made”

This is not only true in personal relationships, but also often in business


“Have a family business plan!”

I wish I could stress this more, no wait, even more! Have a plan for you, your family, your life; one in which everyone who is involved knows about, is working towards, and is involved in. It makes life a lot more fun when you all accomplish what it is you are all working for and get to do!


“Never miss the opportunity to tell someone wonderful, how you feel about them…”

I hugged my dad and told him I loved him; I didn’t know it would be the last time I saw him.


“Anonymous” – Favorite Person

They have done more, written more, painted more, sculptured more, built more than anyone else I know; yet have the humility not to put their name on it.  I have such profound respect for someone to come up with something so great, so wonderful, so enlightening, and the humility to not take credit for it. I wish I could thank you personally for how many times you have touched my life.


 Life Related Quotes


“If one person tells you something, I take it with a grain of salt.If two or more people tell me the same thing, it might have some validity to it.”

(Psst, start listening!)


“If you aren’t happy with where you are in life, then change it. If you’re not working on changing it, you have no right to complain about it, change is a choice.”

I didn’t say it is an easy choice, but it is almost always a choice, often the one you don’t want to look at, nor admit


“If you have a stake in the pie, you’re more likely to help make it…(rather than just expecting to get to eat it when it is done)”

Lessons learned on partnerships, everybody puts money into the game


“I follow four rules in my life; High Morals, High Values, High Ethics, and Honesty”

(Later someone referred to these as my H’s)


“I taught my children you cannot call yourself honest if you lie once and a while…”

(This goes for everyone in my book)

“When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired…”

…is when people choose to make a change, more or less a quote from Alcoholics Anonymous referring to when a alcoholic chooses to quit drinking.   This of course applies in multitudes of your life. I would ask; “Why did you have to wait so long?  Choose sooner…”
(My Italian friend Maria added; “Because people have to bump their head over and over against the wall”, closely related to the “Definition of Insanity”)


Favorite thing to do to; Think

Mowing my yard it is quiet time alone; I always appreciated this great time to walk and to think.


“If you want to be healthy, it sure helps to hang out with healthy people”


“Don’t be afraid to pray for things, I pray for “God’s Will” all the time”