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11 Rules for Raising Kids: Making it easy and fun!


  • Product Description

    “11 Rules for Raising Kids,” I thought you were a business owner consultant.

    Yes, I am. I am also a divorced father who spent a great deal of his time raising kids (mine, scouts, coaching baseball, etc) who kids lived with him after the divorce…(Not mom). With time I learned how to make it easy and fun!

    I know raising kids and parenting is not easy. In fact it can bring a lot of challenges, and I assure you I have shared many of the same ones you have plus a few (as I am sure you have experienced ones I haven’t). Parenting skills don’t just happen; we learn them. Good parenting advice comes from lots of experiences. Raising healthy kids is the goal even with the ones who challenge us. Learning parenting tools and raising smart kids takes a plan. I would like to share a piece of “raising my kids” plan with you.

    I raised my kids with a plan often when they had no idea. Even as young adults, they have no idea most of the things I planned in their lives. Though now they are learning to plan their own lives, and a plan for their future children. I share a little humor, some stories, and challenges with these 11 tools for raising your kids. In this roughly 20 minute video, I share a little humor, some stories, and challenges with these 11 tools for raising your kids. Used and practiced, all 11 rules for raising your kids will apply at some point in your children’s lives and ease struggles we can face as parents. It makes it easier to handle challenges that may and will eventually come when you already have the answer prepared. One of the best parts of this program is keeping it simple, because your kids will be able to learn these rules  quickly, and remember them, which makes it easier for you. Ahh, life is so much fun, I truly miss my kids being young! (Grand will come soon enough.)

    I am confident you will look at raising kids different: parenting can be fun, even for the kids!

    This program is about me giving back, I offer it for only $11.00 because I want every parent to be able to learn from it. All are welcome in this professional presentation any parent would be proud to share with their kids. (Humor included)

    Raising Kids