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    The Goal: To gain the competency of your numbers in what should be one of the most important areas of your business; as The Owner.

    An Absolute: If after two meetings, you don’t look at your company in a different way, a more valued way as an Owner, you wont owe a dime. I will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Yes, I am that confident of this program!

    This is a four month program consisting of six meetings, limited to six attendees for several reasons; one of the most important is to have time for you understand which numbers you need and time to get them. We will then analyze them, go into detail what they mean to you and your company, make suggested changes, re-evaluate evaluate them, and repeat the process. This is not a once and done, move on and forget, but learn a new tool and continue to use it. With a four month period, this gives you that time and in the habit of reviewing/analyzing them properly every month.

    Two guest presenters are will join us in two separate sessions.

    Our First Specialist is in Quickbooks, who will explain some of the intricacies in setting up and getting the numbers we as Owners need, including the categories and reports which should be a part of your daily business. (Note: While focused on using Quickbooks, this is not a Quickbooks dependent course, it applies to any accounting system, I do not use Quickbooks myself. However, it is probably one of the most popular, thus why we choose to use it as our example in this program).

    Our Second Specialist, a 25 year veteran accountant who specializes in working with small business owners (and who uses Quickbooks); we will discuss tax strategies/planning, and intimate details how to structure numerous parts of your business to legally lower your tax burdens and book keeping responsibilities, while keeping it easy for you to understand. If you don’t understand, it isn’t any good, this is really good!

    Larry will go into extensive detail about how to determine what your profit should be, what you should make, what your overhead is/should be, and how to go about structuring it successfully (not just talk, but reality), and then what your gross sales should be based on the other information. YES, IN THAT ORDER! The analyzation in just this part of course far exceeds the cost of this course just in this one area alone.

    There is a lot of importance in this being done over a period of time, with each step of this process a working toward the ultimate goal; your understanding of these new tools, so you can go use them yourself, as The Owner of your business.  As always, these are the tools  you will learn to use and repeat, again and again.

    Note: This program is suited for any size company, you need to know your numbers!

    Note 2: This program is done live via a our special webinar site, you will see us live (video cams if you choose), the presentation slides, whiteboard, audio, text messaging so you don’t have to ask the question openly if you choose, and it is recorded for your future reference! (this feature is not made available to the public, only to the members of the group, if the group agrees to it in advance)

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