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In Case of Emergency-Strategic Business Planning


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    In Case of Emergency-Strategic Business Planning is a slightly different way of business planning: if you are a one person company, doing a few million dollars, or 20+ million dollars, this program covers each of these company structures.

    This method of strategic business planning focuses on a backup plan which has nothing to do with your computers or software, but instead to do with your company structure. “In Case of Emergency – Strategic Business Planning” takes into account management, business planning, leadership skills, systems, strategic planning, business planning backup plan (this is the computer and software), small business planning, all in the structure of a Webinar. I use internet coaching and mentoring tools in a way and process I am sure you haven’t considered, and almost no one does!

    With the strength of the webinar and its participants, we continue to grow and strengthen these plans each time, not only gaining new tools, but procedures as well. After you join one of our webinar sessions, you will have permanent access to any updated materials, for any size of company, to continue to learn as you or your company grows. The information is kept current in a downloadable file for you to access at any time.

    Another advantage is having a group of people to gather each others unique business perspectives coming from other’s industries; this is always a valued learning experience. If we all have the same backgrounds, the opportunity to learn from each other is far less. With varied backgrounds brings fresh ideas, even though it may be common place in a different industry.

    This is one of my favorite webinars to share and work with (notice, I don’t say this very often)!

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