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MOPEDS-Marketing, Owner, Production, Education, Design, Sales-Full Program


  • Product Description

    MOPEDS is our most extensive Education Video to date dealing with all the facets of any business. Each area of business falls into one of these categories or “Hats”; Marketing, Owner, Production, Education, Design, and Sales.

    A brief explanation:

    How you present your company, not just in advertising but its actions to the point of doing a presentation at the point of sale, and more.

    The Owner, should wear only one hat, that of The Owner. This addresses the true responsibilities of the owner, even if you like 79.8% of all small business and are the only one in your company.

    This is the actual process of you “supplying your product”. Notice I did not say “making your product”, because maybe you don’t. Do you or have you planned for growth, changes, or optional suppliers? We will get into this and a lot more.

    As The Owner it is not only important for you to continue to education yourself, but the people you work with. If you are an innovator, who else will teach them what you need them to know? This goes way beyond the face value of Education (Leadership).

    Design is often thought of as a thing, or an object, but what about the design of your life, business, family, and your products?

    It has been said 90% of your business is marketing, but you still have to know how to close the deal. Without sales, you’re dead in the water. I approach sales in multiple ways, with one commonality, and it always works (yes, I said always).

    This presentation is presented with insightful stories, fact, and stuff that works and you can use right now, regardless of the size of your business. If you are just starting out, what a great overview. To the person who has been in business for a long time with employees, many opportunities for refinements. Watch it as many times as you like…

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