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New Business Owners: Questions & Answers – Webinar


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    The Goal: For everyone to walk away with a question or two answered, and a at least one new tool they can immediately implement into their Life or Business.

    This is a unique type of webinar in that the participants help set the agenda. A small group limited to 6 people led by Larry Heuvelman. We will discuss each of the submitted topics by the participants. Each individual can submit one topic, with one backup topic (in case of duplicate topics), then present that question or thought to the group. Each topic we will spend about 10 minutes or so on before going to the next person/topic, leaving time at the end for continued discussion. This can often lead into specific presentations or webinars on a single topic or issue. This is a fun and exciting way to learn, share your experiences, and grow as an individual and business. Topics are geared toward business and personal life as it relates toward your business. (This is how the Strategic Business Planning Group-Asia got started while I was on a trip.)

    Possible topics could be suppliers, production, labor, cash flow/accounting practices, marketing, finding time personally, etc., as well as other ideas or questions you may have, just ask!
    Note: All six questions will get answered in the sixty minutes though sometimes the sessions will run longer; it is attendees choice to stay  (Individuals with 0-5 years of business experience will generally benefit from this webinar best.)

    Larry Heuvelman started his first business at 14, second at 22, and many more along the way. He will draw from his wealth of experience as a small business owner working with small business owners, who has a life, a family, a home, and takes vacations!

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