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Here we will answer the most common questions on how to use our site in an effort to always keep it simple to use and navigate. Suggestions always welcome!

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Initial Information

This is a page in development, we will constantly be adding to it!


Missing Information/LOGIN

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Be sure you have created a profile (Signed Up) and are Logged In


Once you are logged in, and have purchased a course/product, you will be able to schedule an appointment for a session (i.e. Webinar (if offered on multiple dates) or a consultation).

For consultations, you will be able to select three different times/date slots, I will reply what will work in return, and the appointment will be booked. Confirmation e-mails are snet to both paties. We will conduct the appointment via phone, Skype, or our Webinar Site.

The Owners Group/Webinar Password

Your Password and Login Page is located in the Curriculum.

Then click on the start of your program, and it is always in the first module.


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.55.20 PMIf you click on a course, it will take you to the product page, on the left sidebar of that page scroll down until you see the curriculum and click on it. There you will see what is included in the course/program.

Sometimes it is only a password link for information to Login to a Webinar, or to make an appointment for a consultation.


This is a very powerful calendar; specific to the events for the page you are on (The Owners Group or Webinar, etc.), and the abilities you have with it.

1. Event Name/Date/Time
2. More detail on the event/purchase/etc
3. Download to ics Calendar (like iCal)
4. Download to Google Calendar
5. Event Details/Thumbnail Pic
6. Event Time
7. Location
8. Event Sponsor/Organizer
9. Physical Map (scalable)

(Click to see larger image)
Calendar Instructions


Future Section

Future information will go in this section…please ask!