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A Unique and Exceptional Style of Working With Companies

The ability to resolve issues, find opportunities, create structure in your company, and charging more while having clients thanking you.
It’s all about having a defined process that fits your company’s plan.

Larry Heuvelman has more than 35 years of business and ownership experience, and a consultant to the industry.  Entrepreneurship has been a way of life; its challenges, rewards, frustrations and satisfactions with clients and employees. Larry will share his wisdom and knowledge encouraging your input, questions, and the challenges of your business as he takes on some of the toughest topics in the industry.

His passion is speaking and working with business owners to help them succeed. His clients have been mainly in Europe, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the United States. Larry always starts his consulting with The Owner Philosophy – “Figure out what you want in your life, and then construct your business to help you accomplish it.” With decades of experience in construction industry, his experience is point on in a multitude of areas primarily focussed on the needs of the business owner, regardless of your industry.