Entrepreneur and Consultant

Larry Heuvelman is an entrepreneur and consultant with more than 35 years of business experience.  He has owned several companies within the construction and trade industry since the age of 22, and has served in the consulting business for the past decade.

Larry’s passion for helping others combined with his business expertise led him to create his own consulting business, specifically focusing on business owners.  Larry’s approach, “The Owners Philosophy: Figure out what you want in life and then structure your business to help you accomplish it,” is a principle that he believes should be first priority for any business owner.

Larry’s commitment to The Owner Philosophy is where the client process starts.  Based on the assessment through hours of discussion, Larry will map out with the client a detailed plan that is achievable and sustainable both professionally and personally.

Whether you are looking for someone to help correct a situation that you cannot seem to turn around, or you would like to plan for future growth, Larry takes great care to understand clearly the owner’s needs.

Awards, Certifications and Speaking Events

Larry is the recipient of the Remodeling Big 50 Award by Remodeling Magazine, and recently received the CORP2020 Best in Design & Construction Consulting Firm Award.

Larry holds certifications as a NARI Certified Remodeler, NHAB Certified Graduate Remodeler, is Lead Safe Certified by the EPA, and a former Chicago NARI Board Member.

Over the past twenty years, Larry has shared his business techniques at conferences across North America including CEDIA, Illinois & Wisconsin Landscape Show, Landscape Ontario Congress Trade Conference, Lake County Tech Campus, NAHB International Home Builders’ Show, and the Remodeling Show.