You as a meeting planner, have one of the most difficult jobs in the world, actually it is ranked as the 6th.  My role is to make my part flow as easy as possible. As an experienced professional speaker and trainer, I am prepared.

I will arrive the day before or certainly hours ahead of the presentation, test the equipment, and make any last minute preparations necessary assisting you as needed. I will use your slides or convert mine to represent your event. I will start and finish on time with a patient, unrushed, goal-focussed professonal presentation.

If there are other speakers directly after me, I will immediately move to the side to further address attendees allowing the next presenter to do their preparation.

I will be your complement.


As a speaker, I love when the attendees laugh. I know I have touched them with they are relaxed, and laughter is a great tool in this process. But we are here to learn, I choose to take them on a path, or journey if you will. Without them knowing it, my entire presentation is taking them down a road learning something new they can start to implement in their lives or business.

Part of the fun for me, is knowing each time will be a different experience. This is because I love the interaction with people asking them questions about them and their companies, which customizes each preesntation personally, for whom I am speaking to0. This is an important tool to connect, which enhances the learning experience.