Larry’s Most Requested Topics


Larry’s presentations have several goals; Educational, Process Driven, StoryTelling with some Humor, and Accountability.

Education is the main reason for attending an event, just as Larry did starting in 1994. He feels honored to now be the one sharing with you the things he learned at the events he attended, and more importantly over his 35 plus years of business experiences. He doesn’t hold back.

Process-Driven is a designed plan. It means taking someone or a project from point A to point B, often without them even realizing you are doing it, and you may not always follow the exact same path. Yet, you have a plan, you know where you are headed, and where you want them to finish, which is a lot better than letting the client lead you.

Humor can be a great tool for learning. Stories can help us to remember, and funny stories are easier to recall. Educational funny stories are some of the best ways to recall events in your life (good or bad) which often have a greater impact on our learning.

Accountability. Larry says; “A plan not implemented is not a plan.” Thus, if you don’t implement your plan, there isn’t any accountablity for you or the company. This is an important part of the tools you should be using for others and of course most importantly, yourself.


Larry currently does one workshop called “Change To Grow: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable”.

This is an intensive two-day workshop designed for business owners and key people who are ready to make serious changes in their organization.

You will leave with a customized business plan for your company that is easy to understand, share with your team, is measurable, and you are able to implement. You will learn a lot of new tools like; Leadership and Communication, refining your sales process for uniformity (allowing you to hire and train more sales people) and higher profits, Time Management, Onboarding for retention, and how to think different as an The Owner.

You are likely to make some new very close connections possibly friends whom are in the same position as you, maybe a little biger, maybe smaller; you will all learn from each other.