Workshop Description:

“Change To Grow” is an intensive two-day workshop designed for business owners and key people who are ready to make serious changes in their organization. You may want to step out of the day-to-day operation,  you will need to focus on your company structure and growth. In this workshop; we will reveiew why you are in business, how you got to where you are today, and where you want to get.

Part of this process is understanding the uncomfortable. We will as a group creatour own thorough business plan, learning from each other the needs and not so importants. Do a deep dive into our own business numbers; what they are telling us and what we should be looking for.  Learn how to be better communicators and leaders, along with mentoring others in the process so they can grow. We will review and possibly revise the entire sales process, surely it will get tweaked for better profits and happier clients. As leaders, how to we prepare our companies for the unexpected, and take it all in stride. Finally, a plan not implemented isn’t a plan; how do we find and allocate the time to use and teach others all the tools we learned in a way that is clean and simple.

You will leave with a customized business plan for your company that is easy to understand, share with your team, is measurable, and you are able to implement. You will learn a lot of new tools like; Leadership and Communication, refining your sales process for uniformity (allowing you to hire and train more sales people) and higher profits, Time Management, Onboarding for retention, and how to think different as an The Owner.

You are likely to make some new very close connections possibly friends whom are in the same position as you, maybe a little biger, maybe smaller; you will all learn from each other.

Elevator Pitch

“Figure out what you want in your life, and then structure your business to help you accomplish it” This has been Larry’s motto since the early days, he wanted to raise his kids, enjoy his live, and not be a slave to his business, but still make money.

Learning Objectives:

Presentation Details:

  1. Recognize the cycles we as owners repeat and what to I need to change

  2. What are my real goals; personal and business. Are they acheivable

  3. How do I structure this in a way that will really work and get buy-in from my company

  4. Saying it is one thing, how do I implement this into my life/business; Accountability

Presentation Type:
Presentation Length:

Content Level:


2-Day  interactive Group Workshop

Larry Heuvelman’s origianl content
Business Owners and Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
Advance Letter to Attendees, Business Plan Template
Schedule of Events Included

Desired Outcome:

We have been asked since we are kids; What is it you want to do? Even when we think we have that figured out, how the best way to do it is often a challenge. On top of that we are busines owners, so we tend to work a lot, probably too much. So what happened to the reasons we wanted to be come business owners? It can be defined, structured, and fixed, really!

Typical Room Setup:

  • Lavalier Mic

  • Workshop Seating (Tables)

  • Projector(s) and Screen(s)

  • Apple DVI Port Adaptor

Unique Setup Request:

  • Six of the large writing pads on easels with a package of color markers