Presentation Description:

A company’s numbers can be a complex topic, sometimes challenging to understand what numbers are significant, other than just what I have to get to the accountant. You will walk out of this workshop/seminar to better understand the need, importance, and excitement of using your numbers. Even if you don’t like what they tell you right now. You will leave with a new excel spreadsheet tool to better understand your numbers, how to use them, why they are essential, and how to hold them, your team, and yourself accountable in a way that won’t hurt.

Elevator Pitch

Math is simple; one and one always equal two; that’s easy. Why it should equal two is the part of the equation that can get complicated, especially on your business spreadsheet. We will learn how to look at the spreadsheet, analyze the numbers as percentages, and learn to recognize the warning signs or praise the good news.

Learning Objectives:

Presentation Details:

  1. Why do I need to know any numbers other than for tax time?

  2. How do I keep this from being difficult and boring?

  3. What are the valuable things I can learn if I do decide to go forward?

  4. OMG, this is so cool and easier than I thought, what else?

Presentation Type:
Presentation Length:

Content Level:


Keynote/Interactive lecture
60 minutes interactive lecture
(90-120 minutes is recommended)
Larry Heuvelman’s original content
Business Owners and Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
PowerPoint/Keynote, will use templated slides

Desired Outcome:

With the template spreadsheet supplied as a model, I guide you through assembling and examining why each section, division, or category of numbers; is essential and how to understand and see the value in these numbers quickly. With this information, you now have a tool to communicate with your key people and set goals as a company, a process that you can repeat each year.

Typical Room Setup:

  • Lavalier Mic

  • Theater Seating

  • Projector(s) and Screen(s)

  • Apple DVI Port Adaptor

  • Elevated stage dependent on number of attendees

Unique Setup Request:

  • None Required