Presentation Description:

Your sales process doesn’t start or end where you think it does. Trainers talk about overcoming sales objections; I will teach you how to prevent objections from ever being present, close more deals, substantially more profit, and less competition.

If your company is doing $3+ million or more in sales, you probably have more than one salesperson or are ready to hire another. You need a well-defined system for your sales (team), a measurable, repeatable sales process. We will define and build this detailed process together in the presentation to close more and higher dollar sales. We will also discuss how to implement and structure a compensation package for your new or existing salespeople.

Elevator Pitch

A better sales process is for the company that wants to grow. Your company will not accept mediocrity, appreciates systems that will net more closes for more profit and less competition. Participate in an evaluation of your companies sales process, which we will improve and accomplish these goals. 

Learning Objectives:

Presentation Details:

  1. Why do I need a process for selling or doing a presentation?

  2. How will this increase my profits?

  3. How will integrating a “Design Agreement” help with the process, and what does a salesperson’s compensation look like?

  4. How to know when to close and do it with more confidence?

Presentation Type:
Presentation Length:

Content Level:


Keynote/Interactive lecture
60 minutes interactive lecture
(90-120 minutes is recommended)
Larry Heuvelman’s original content
Business Owners and Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
PowerPoint/Keynote, will use templated slides

Desired Outcome:

Your sales process should start by identifying who you want your client to be. Did you do this with your website? Before you ever meet the client, what does your website say about you, what messages are you sending? Do you ask the potential client how they were referred rather than how did you hear about us? One way tells them how you work (referral), the other says you gather information. We will discuss the impressions you give a client before, during, and after meeting them. We will define your customer service rather than letting your client do it for you. The presentation will cover from (website) the first call through the entire sales process from (well after the final payment), how to prepare a contract, presentation to the client, and the close. We will also touch on a bit of project management, which all part of having a unified process.

Typical Room Setup:

  • Lavalier Mic

  • Theater Seating

  • Projector(s) and Screen(s)

  • Apple DVI Port Adaptor

  • Elevated stage dependent on number of attendees

Unique Setup Request:

  • None Required